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City of Yokohama

Yokohama is a wonderful city in Japan that should definitely be on the list of places to visit during a stay in Tokyo. In fact, it is so close to Tokyo that it is often regarded as a part of the same extended metropolis and the two are, in many ways, likely just a continuous urban landscape of modern Japan.

The convenient train system in Tokyo and throughout Japan is likely part of the reason that the two feel so continuous and many people who work in Tokyo choose to live in Yokohama. You too may prefer to stay in Yokohama as you may find that accommodations can often be less expensive when staying in Japan for an extended duration.

Yokohama is known for being architecturally a somewhat futuristic city. Many of the buildings and also the urban design involved inspiring a kind of clean sci-fi atmosphere. It is also culturally a rather progressive area in Japan.

It is known for being home to many of the first international residents after Japan was reopened to the rest of the world following the signing of a treaty with the US in 1854. It is still a very international area of Japan and many ex-pats apparently choose to make it their home.

The city of Yokohama has much to offer in terms of attractions and entertainment. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of places you will likely enjoy visiting during your stay.

Landmark Tower


Yokohama Landmark Tower

The futuristic Landmark Tower building is fittingly a rather gorgeous flagship landmark of the Minato Mirai area, which began construction in the mid-1980’s during Japan’s economic boom. It is the tallest building in Japan and has observation areas for visitors to enjoy.

On a clear day, you can even see the glorious Mount Fuji. There are many shops and places to dine inside the massive building as it has an extensive community area and you will likely enjoy spending an afternoon or evening just perusing what the building has to offer.

The Minato Mirai area is kind of an architectural wonderland and is intended to showcase Yokohama’s finest to the world. There are more buildings in the area surrounding the Landmark Tower that you may also want to explore during your stay.

Yokohama Bay


Yokohama City Bay

Yokohama Bay is a very popular spot for entertainment and dining. There are sometimes large exhibitions spanning many areas of the harbor. There is also a small amusement park that features a large Ferris wheel also highlighted in this article.

The Ferris Wheel


Yokohama City Ferris Wheel

This legendarily iconic Ferris wheel of Yokohama Bay was the world’s largest when first constructed and still contains the “world’s largest clock”. The clock is actually displayed as part of the light show on the wheel itself. The wheel, especially due to its location on Yokohama Bay, is a rather romantic experience enjoyed by couples throughout the year.

The view from the wheel itself is likely worth any cost of admission, although the view from the Landmark Tower building is also excellent on a clear day.

Yokohama China Town


Yokohama City China Town

Yokohama is also known for its large China Town area. If you are looking for Chinese food or products, you may want to peruse the area and see what you find. You will at least see a rather elaborate traditional gateway marking the entrance.

Have fun in Yokohama as it is truly a nice city and a great place to spend a day with your friends, and family, or a romantic day out with that special someone.