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Tokyo- 21st Century Paris

Are you currently planning a nice stay in the Japanese capital city of Tokyo or are you possibly already in this amazing and fascinating land full of spectacular cultural wonders? Have you ever stopped to think about the kind of cultural melting pot that Tokyo really is?

While it may not be full of a really diversified population, as just about all the people in Japan were born in the country and at least pretend to be Japanese, it is truly quite a mix of world cultures in many other ways. One thing you will likely notice about

Tokyo if you haven’t already, is the amazing spectrum of artifacts from other cultures that have been adopted into Tokyo and how much of a truly diverse city it is, in terms of fun, food, and entertainment.

Let’s take a look at some of the French imports so ubiquitous in Tokyo.

French Cafes

There are likely more French-style cafes in Tokyo than in Paris, and the atmosphere is often truly elegant.

The food is also often truly delicious and the menus are often rather delightfully creative.

If you are a dessert lover who loves gourmet dessert without excessive sugar, Tokyo is a wonderland of possibilities and should be a pure delicatessen of petite, yet not too sweet, goodies for your palette to peruse and thoroughly enjoy indulging in.

French Bakeries

The French bakeries also abound in Tokyo, and while you may not find some of the grainier and dark rye or wheat bread easily, French bakeries are sure to please your palette with a tasty treat. You should be aware that the Japanese adopted word for bread is “Pan” (pronounced Pahn) and is actually derived from Portuguese. This will make it much easier to tell people what you are looking for.

Crepe Shops

Another interesting thing you will find in Tokyo is an abundance of crepe shops, often with a window to purchase while walking by on the street. Many also have a dining area, which is potentially quite adorable to match the style of cute associated with a crepe itself.

You may even find an exotic crepe shop or restaurant if you are truly adventurous. Such restaurants take the classical crepe of dessert fame and bring it into the realm of the main course.

French Brands

Depending on how well you have studied or experienced Tokyo culture, you may or may not be surprised to find out that certain brands are a bit of a staple for much of Tokyo, and Japan in general.

One brand likely leads the curve of Tokyo’s favorite famous French designers. Just about any Japanese girl in Tokyo who has reached adulthood has at least one Louis Vuitton handbag.

If she doesn’t, she is likely getting one soon. It is not so important to even use it, having it is the important thing. Basically, during an economic boom in the 80’s just about everyone converted to designer brands. Everyone somehow silently agreed that the classic Louis Vuitton print handbag would be the standard and it has been so since.

Regardless of the change in economics in the 90s, the designer bag stayed strong. You may be surprised by how many men even carry an LV wallet or small handbag too. You may also be surprised that some designer store prices may be inappropriately inflated compared to other countries.

Perhaps now you will see the iconic Tokyo Tower in a whole new light as Tokyo may just be the 21st century Paris!