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Shibuya- Tokyo’s Hub of Fashion and Music

If you consider Tokyo to be the most progressive metropolis of Japan, as most probably would, it is easy to agree that the area known as Shibuya is likely the most progressive center of Tokyo.

Shibuya is the hub of modern Japanese fashion and music. It is the playground of the leading edge of Japanese society’s trendsetters and also a place for those following the trends to both shop for and find out about the latest and greatest of Tokyo fashion.

Hachiko Statue

Hachiko Statue In Shibuya

Hachiko Statue In Shibuya

Upon exiting the Shibuya train station at Hachiko Square, there is an iconic statue of a loving pet named Hachiko waiting to greet commuters. The faithful diligence of the adorable animal touched the residents of Tokyo and a statue was erected in its honor.

The Shibuya Scramble: Worlds Busiest Crossing

Shibuya Scramble

Shibuya Scramble

The nearby street intersection called Hachiko Crossing is aptly known as the world’s busiest intersection. It is commonly featured in movies, television, games, and other forms of media.

The intersection is a spectacular sight to see, as a rushing sea of people suddenly floods out onto the street from just about every direction at once.

The amazing number of people crossing the intersection at once is partially due to the fact that all of the crosswalks turn green at the same time. Pedestrians can freely cross diagonally through the center of the relatively large intersection.

Shibuya Scramble Night

A wonderful and rather popular vantage point from which to view the crossing is in a famous café on the second floor of the Tsutaya building across the intersection from the train station.

Above the intersection are the legendary video walls of Shibuya which have been displaying Japanese media to the masses for decades.

Music And Fashion At Shibuya

In Japan

Tokyo’s younger designers have their own specialty shops around Shibuya featuring their custom clothing lines and accessories. Music from up-and-coming J-Pop, dance, rock, and hip-hop artists is also available in the many music stores.

In Shibuya, it is evident to see that music and fashion truly go hand in hand, especially at such stores as the globally popular Japanese hip-hop clothing label “Bape”.  This particular Japanese clothing label has somewhat of a cult following and is a popular destination for many international shoppers who may seemingly choose to make the pilgrimage to Japan just to shop at one of the legendary stores.



If a sweatshirt featuring cartoon characters in the realm of 300 USD or more is your cup of green tea, then Bape is a good place to find it.

If that sounds a bit ridiculous, another popular Japanese brand called “UniQlo” has a store nearby featuring highly fashionable gear at a tenth of that cost. Uniqlo recently went global and has opened stores in both New York and also the UK.

Shop For Fashion At Shibuya 109


Another famous pilgrimage site for fashion is the Shibuya 109. It is a temple of Japanese fashion like no other in the world. 9 floors of shopping bliss await and the stores are packed with smiling Japanese girls who are happy to sport the latest in Tokyo fashion.

Shibuya is likely Japanese society at its most modern and happily energetic. Have fun and enjoy this wonderful area of Tokyo.