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Tokyo Disney Sea

The city of Tokyo in Japan is one of the most spectacular cities in the world and is so full of activities and attractions that many people who come to Japan seem to find it unnecessary to venture very far outside of the Tokyo area to fulfill their interests.

Tokyo DisneySea Hands down the most amazing theme park in the world

Tokyo DisneySea is Hands down the most amazing theme park in the world

Regardless of those interests being primarily in Japanese culture or the occasional respite into a Japanese version of a Western setting that is almost always quite readily available, Tokyo seems capable of offering something for everyone.

One attraction that many people enjoy visiting year after year, since its relatively recent opening in 2001, is the theme park known as Tokyo Disney Sea.

The expansive park is situated right next to it’s older sibling, Tokyo Disneyland, and is a top attraction in Tokyo for Japanese and visitors from abroad.

The Most Expensive Theme Park To Build

Disneysea theme park lake in Tokyo

Disneysea theme park lake in Tokyo

Over 10 million visitors annually flock to Tokyo Disney Sea and for good reason. It is, to date, actually the most expensive theme park ever built, at an estimate of 4 billion USD, and it shows in the park’s elaborate design, quality, and size.

Disney Sea Was Originally planned for the US

The park was originally planned by the Walt Disney Company over 20 years prior to its opening in Japan. The original plan was to build the park in southern California as a complement to the original Disneyland, but company issues involving the EuroDisney project were reportedly responsible for changing the plan to eventually be built in Japan as Tokyo Disney Sea.

The original plans had around 20 years to be refined and modernized, so it is truly a wonderful park to visit and a unique gem in the Disney treasure chest.

It is the only water-themed Disney park in the world and also one of only two, the other being Tokyo Disneyland, which is not owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company.

Tokyo Disney Sea Is Not Just For Kids

A little slice of Venice in TokyoDisneyland Sea

Another aspect that makes this park wonderfully unique is that it is as much for adults as it is for children.

The atmosphere is often romantic, with Mediterranean architecture and gondoliers ready to take you and that special someone on an evening river cruise, and the rides are often more high-speed and intense than rides at other Disney parks may often be.

This is not to say that there are not also plenty of attractions for the little ones, as there are certainly more than plenty, it is just nice to also have something for the rest of the family to enjoy also!

Don’t Miss The Shows At Disney Sea

The theatrical shows are really spectacular and sometimes rival the likes of Cirque De Soleil in their style and elegance.

There is a nightly show on the main “sea” of Tokyo Disney Sea that is particularly spectacular. It is a gigantic and beautiful love story involving the spirit of water and the spirit of fire coming together from the volcano and the ocean to give birth to land.

Both of the characters are elaborate robots on a massive scale and the show is done so tastefully that one almost forgets it is even a Disney park, save for the fact that it is truly the kind of beautiful story found in such classics as Fantasia.

Enjoy the wonderful playground of Tokyo Disney Sea as it is fun for just about anyone.