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The Memorial of Hiroshima

Are you soon planning a stay in Japan, currently in Japan, or perhaps just studying about this wonderful country and hoping to find out as much as you can about it as possible? There are many amazing cities and towns in which to stay in Japan and each has its own history and features which make it a truly special place for you to visit. While the history may sometimes seem rather full of conflict and may sometimes even be somewhat shocking, the present is almost always thankfully calm and peaceful. It may almost seem as though the more extremely shocking the past of a city in Japan may be, the more peaceful it is today. One city, in particular, is a truly shining example of this and is also a shining beacon of global tranquility in the world today. There is possibly no better monument of world peace on the planet today than the city of Hiroshima in Japan.

One of the most unique and obviously rather sad aspects of Japanese history is the rather intense blows the country’s corrupt imperial government brought upon the country at the end of the last world war. The atomic events that took place at Hiroshima are some of world history’s most extreme and there is nothing since that has come close to the intensity of what happened in Japan during that period. The city of Hiroshima now stands as a loving tribute to all affected by the incident and as a monument to prevent any such events from ever happening again in the future. There is an extensive memorial park and a number of buildings exhibiting artifacts and information about the events to better inform and educate visitors about the absolutely imperative importance of world peace and the shocking evidence of what can happen to the people of a country when they support their government’s unprovoked attacks and invasions of neighboring countries. It is also obviously a rather sobering look at why atomic and nuclear forms of human conflict should be prevented by all means necessary in the world today and in the future yet to arrive.

Here are a couple of the primary places to visit in the Peace Memorial Park of Hiroshima and its surrounding area.

A-Bomb Dome

This is the building that is now an iconic symbol for global peace and also a symbol of Hiroshima and its history today. It stands as a monument to the effects of an atomic blast. The building was essentially at the center of the blast as the bomb supposedly ignited in the sky directly above the building, and thus the building remained standing while buildings in surrounding areas are no longer present. Around the building and across the river from it are numerous statues, sculptures, and other memorial objects. Be sure to examine each one with careful attention as there may be carefully crafted symbolism and meaning in its most subtle detail.

Peace Memorial Museum

This is a rather large museum dedicated to presenting educational and informational exhibits about the events at Hiroshima and also promoting world peace. Great care has been taken to provide the museum to the world so be sure to visit if at all possible.

Enjoy your educational visit to Hiroshima and be prepared to have a new depth of inner peace as well as a new level of appreciation for world peace as you will undoubtedly find both in this wonderful city.